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College Advisor Warns:

A College Education is NOT About the Degree!

College gives you the opportunities that can super-charge and super-change your life. However, there are things you must do while IN college to guarantee your success AFTER college that have nothing to do with grades.

I have been advising college students for 15 years both professionally and personally. I am on a mission to help college kids create amazing futures for themselves in their careers and in their relationships after college. There are secrets you must learn while still in college, however, to build the foundation for success.

8 Things Your College Advisor Won't Tell You

I have prepared a free report outlining several things that college students must know that their college advisor will not tell them:

  • According to the latest brain research you can study too much! What you should do instead.
  • 60% of students in their first year report feeling overwhelming anxiety or even depression. How to avoid becoming part of that statistic.
  • Even the best college cannot keep you safe. How to not become a victim.
  • And more…

Simply fill out the form to download your FREE report:


Lindy Schneider has over 15 years of experience as a College Advisor both personally and professionally. She is a contributing author to ten books in the NY Times best-selling book series, Chicken Soup For The Soul, including:

  • Brain Power
  • Finding Your Happiness
  • Power of Gratitude
  • Raising Great Kids
  • six additional titles.

Books and Programs by Lindy Schneider:

  • College Superhero Secrets: Establishing Great Relationships and Launching Your Career While Still In College – a training program for college students to help propel them to success in their career, relationships and life after college.
  • Talk to Me: Stealth Strategies for Communicating With Your Young Adult  (To be released 2018)

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What Others Are Saying About Lindy

“An Exceptional Advisor"

“Lindy is an exceptional advisor. She provides direction and support that is unparalleled. Her passion for education and assisting students is evident through her willingness to listen and motivate others…"

Dr. Laura Polk, Senior Program Manager

EdPlus, Arizona State University

“Very Respected"

“Lindy is a great person to go to as a resource and very respected."

Laurie Pierce

Technology Manager, Colorado State University

“Great Rapport With Students"

Lindy worked for me as an Academic Advisor … and developed great rapport with students."

Richard Thompson

VP Academic Affairs, Fortis College